Too Many Plugs

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A Crisis of Technology




I’ve given up – I mean it now

Too long a time I’ve preached

I’ve complained and threatened

Now success is within my reach


I’m over and done with FaceBook

Skype leaves me teary and cold

Twitter gives me palpitations

YouTube just makes me feel old


I don’t care that my phone still flips

And is older than my Jeep

Twelve terabytes of stored data

Dear God what does that mean?


And if I want a photo

In my purse I’ll find

My little Canon Rebel

Which has stood the test of time


A simple on/off button

Which lets me place a call

No Internet, no Google maps

Just Take-Out from the mall


So, here I’ll stay this evening

Two chopsticks in my hand

Shrimp fried rice and spring rolls

I’m free – now ain’t that grand!


2 thoughts on “Too Many Plugs

  1. I feel your pain and then releif. I have a new habit. I put both phones away after 9pm. If someone dies and and I can’t reached, they can send the police or wait till the next morning. They will still be dead no matter what time they reach me

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