The Mad Monk

Hi Guys,

Am sitting here this evening trying to respond to a note and share my insights about the universe. A friend had made a comment about the murder of the Russian Romanov Dynasty and while trying to respond, I felt all information leave my head.

Jerry was lying across the bed watching Shane, 1958, Alan Ladd, B & W, bad sound, nominal acting.

I bolted into the room:

“What was the name of the mad monk of Russia?”


 “The monk! The mad monk! The one that tormented the Romanovs. What was his name?”

“And, why would I care?”

“I don’t care if you care – I just need his name?”

“Why do you think I would know that?”

“Everyone knows that!”

“You don’t – why should I?”

I slugged back to the computer and typed into Google. Life goes forward. I sit now in agony that my simple, albeit intense request, was met with a generic, yet telling response.

Exactly why would anyone keep Rasputin’s name on the tip of their tongue? Why would I need that information? Why would anyone?

…just my thoughts

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