The Barn


The Barn


Ida Blue stood frozen at the end of the walkway. It wasn’t the cold or the snow that caused her stillness, it was the memories that would grip her heart the moment she opened the barn door.

Ten years had passed. She hoped the barn had collapsed upon itself no longer able to bear the pain and heartache housed within its walls. Or perhaps struck by lightning during a violent storm and burned to the ground. But, that was not the case. In fact, the long plank walkway looked reasonably new.

Memories flooded her mind and crushed her chest as she started walking. Slowly, taking measured steps, she was finally at the door. Its’ metal handle was now rusted and the screws were loose allowing the handle to droop. It seemed so much smaller than she remembered.

She grabbed the wrought iron handle and pulled. It was cold, ice cold, and as she pulled, one of the rusty screws popped out hitting her arm. The wind started whipping and seemed to push her into the dark, cavernous building. The smell of hay, machinery diesel parts and animals was intense. The gray skies filtered through some of the slats and the wind had pushed snow on top of hay bales on the west wall.

A horse brayed from one of the stalls and hay drifted like snow from the loft. As she turned……….



©jdyoung 2016

artwork: D Anderson ©2016

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