Follow Your Song

Thoreau was accurate when he said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

My song is still within me, of that, I am very sure.

I’ve tried to let it loose and occasionally I believe a few notes have escaped without my planning to do so. But, the years of being locked up has taken its toll. It’s very hard to remember the music of my song and near impossible to remember any of the lyrics.

Envy becomes part of me when I am near those souls that have been able to let their song flow so others may hear and enjoy the sweetness. Those souls appear happier, their complexions are without stress lines and they smile for no reason. They are content.

The stress in life is simply your song trying to escape. Trying to find a way out – not to leave you stranded, but to wrap around your psyche and soothe your demons with comforting, positive music. And when you let your song out, it does not seek to return – it stays alongside your psyche protecting your weakest points and keeps you grounded.

It encourages sanity, dismisses many tribulations and allows you to walk without hesitation through the forest. It allows you to enjoy life without recrimination, protects you from unwarranted fear and makes each day worthwhile.

Find your song and let it free. Follow it into the sunshine and clearness of a wonderful day. Enjoy when it covers your being. Allow it to hold you close.

Follow its lead.

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