Bucket Bubbles

With age advancing rapidly, I’ve been thinking about a bucket list and weighing the pros/cons, mental ability/physical stamina that may be required for a successful attempt. One of my sisters is completing items she has on her list. Another friend is firming up her ‘must dos’ in an earnest attempt to finish before she dies. Lucky her, she must have a ‘drop-dead date.’

I can barely get through my grocery list at Costco let alone things I’d like to do before I die. Although, one item would be – not to die without some advance notice – can that be on the list? Is that possible? Does God pay attention to these lists?

From my perspective, these little bubbles of unfilled dreams are not something you should dwell upon. Perhaps the reason you haven’t completed the ‘bubbles in your bucket’ is because you could not afford them. Why squeeze the last bit of self-esteem from your psyche writing down unattainable items? Is Bill Gates standing outside your house waiting to hand off a platinum, pre-paid Amex card to fulfill your dreams?

You could do lots of things that are inexpensive: walking the beach at sunrise, walking the beach at sunset, walking the beach with a dog, walking the beach nudging along a senior citizen in a wheelchair, walking the beach while humming Chariots of Fire. That actually seems doable.

For me – my bubbles will never materialize into action. I know that Antonio Bandares is not gonna stop by for margaritas and an afternoon of chatting about his role in Desperado. Sean Connery has no interest in discussing…anything…with me, though he might enjoy my stock of single malt and Kevin Spacey will not care about my recommendations for his superb role in House of Cards.

Thus, walking on a beach would only serve to reaffirm the dreary state of bubbles in my bucket. My draft list will address less intense bubbles that might be attainable. Let me see.

– Maneuver through a mall parking lot without threatening exsanguination to more than two motorists

– Understand why my ‘chunky buns’ are regarded as fat and Kim Ks are bootylicious

– Understand, in detail, the positives of VOIP

– Understand “derivatives” and how they beneficially impact my life

– Master the intricacies of internet sites: Facebook, PayPal, AT&T, Comcast Cable, US Postal Service, the IRS and Citibank Mortgage

– Determine the difference between ‘entitlements, benefits and handouts’ as defined by the federal government.

– Successfully make and serve a cheesecake that does not have a Sara Lee logo

– Comprehend the universal importance of Twitter and Instagram

– Confirm that the advertised breakfast of – TacoMacoSupremoTonquitos contains beneficial nutrients

– Develop a taste for deep-fried Twinkies

What a start! Am feeling empowered already – thankfully it will not last. My life is chaotic enough without taking on Twitter, Tacos and Twinkies.

…just my thoughts

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