Book Summaries

Book Cover Dancing with Demons and Other Bedtime Stories

As one reviewer notes: “These are not your grandma’s fairy tales – Mother Goose has grown up.” Dancing With Demons features strong women who gather their courage in the face of evil and dare to respond aggressively. Victims no more, the women seem to welcome the challenge and rise above the demons that dare attack them.

Most of us love to be scared…as long as it is on our terms. It is every day life that is scary. Simply going to the gym, joining a writer’s website, attending a morning business meeting, or stopping for a relaxing glass of wine after work, are not the places we expect horror to overwhelm our senses.

We have come to believe that evil and terror wear masks that are easily identifiable. These stories will encourage you to rethink everything you thought was safe – even the elevator in which you ride. That said, sit back and enjoy these stories…on your terms.

 Novel Cover The Woman On Pritchard Street

Sometimes things just fall into your lap. Some make you smile and enjoy the ride. Others make you grab your balls and pray for redemption. When this job fell my way, the easy money clouded my senses. Though my balls ached, I ignored my gut. I figured why not?”

The story is a thriller with political twists and urban fantasy undertones. It takes place in Washington, D.C., Georgia and Budapest and follows Simon Gautreaux, an inexperienced reporter from a small southern town. He lands in D.C. and what starts out as a job for quick cash, changes his life forever.

This is the first book in a trilogy entitled The Vasile Chronicles. Please visit the Amazon site for the five star reviews on this book.

The Butter Pecan Diaries, Scarlett's Letters Part Deux - A novel by jd young The Butter Pecan Diaries

You grow up, move away from family and get married, have kids, perhaps a mortgage payment and PTA meetings. You establish your haven, your little piece of the planet – your refuge to enjoy, savor and time to explore the real you.

However, hopes and miles do not separate families – no matter how hard you may pray. Siblings, too often, are unable to separate permanently. They cleave to each other frantically like mindless lemmings. You make the error of engaging in “Extreme Phone Chatting-Smackdown Edition” and then all eagerly get together for a reunion. You weren’t equal as kids and you are not equal as adults. You regress to the original pecking order, complete with juvenile disagreements. Only now, each of you is incisively articulate and adept at verbally eviscerating what is left of your opponent’s self esteem.

…as it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be, world without end…

 Book Cover Scarlett’s Letters

Before I learned the calmative qualities of butter pecan ice cream, I thought seriously about taking my tea cup to the river  and keep walking. From my sister in law’s spur of the moment decision to dig up her husband’s grave, my daughter’s planned sabbatical to Kosovo, and my inability to grasp the simple concept of insurance deductibles as they relate to third person injuries incurred when a dependent is hit by a blue Bronco that is simultaneously licensed in two states with liberal Governors.

Scarlett’s letters are for those kindred spirits who wonder if they are the only inhabitants of personal Twilight Zones.

  i-am-mira I Am Mira

The second book in the Vasile Chronicles Trilogy opens with: “My name is Grace and I was murdered five months ago. My reason for coming back is to watch over Simon, the love and savior of my very short life.” Simon Gautreaux, a young and inexperienced reporter put through the rings of hell, has transformed into Baron Simon Vasile.

With this transformation, came responsibilities to his family’s legacy. He is intent on stopping Mel and Daphne’s malevolent influence that reaches into politics, banking and religion. Their emissaries take their marching orders and sway it though the U.S. Congress, the White House, World Bank…and the Vatican. *** Publication 2015

mcbrides-journal McBride’s Journal

An engaging story about New York cops. Nearing retirement, Detective Lieutenant Michael McBride is drawn into a conspiracy involving a high-profile Wall Street Banking House, a South American drug cartel and an alphabet government agency funded by a U.S. Black Budget.

Not yet comfortable with an iPhone, McBride is partnered with Officer Sean Patrick Donnelly, a cyber crime specialist with only two years on the force. * * * Publication Winter 2015.

 seven-sisters Tales of Seven Sisters – The Years of Living Dangerously

A collection of softly erotic stories involving seven schoolmates who meet again for their fifteen-year high school reunion in Washington D.C. They went their separate ways, each girl attending one of the Seven Sisters colleges … Smith, Vassar, Wellesley, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, Bryn Mawr and Barnard that remain exclusive to this day. They recount their involvements with first love, marriage and redefining their sexuality. *** Publication Spring 2016